"The Double Talker" Turkey Call by Harry Romig, Dauphin, PA

Double Talker Calls - Give you the new double surface friction box with glass at the top for all the yelps, cuts, cackles, and putts. With slate at the bottom for all the other quiet purrs, tree calls, and the seductive little sounds that will bring that gobbler in the rest of the way!!

The new double striker has a carbon pin for all the more aggressive calling and the wooden pin for all the purrs, putts and softer calling --- all in a short compact striker that won't show much movement in calling.

This call will give you more realistic sounds than you can get from any other call and this striker make it all foolproof - because it's easy to use.

This call has been hand crafted from the finest woods and has many hours of testing and calling in its perfection.


Each package come with the special "Double Striker" along with the call and two abrasive pads to renew the sounding surfaces as needed. The call has a built in loop for attaching the call to a lanyard if desired.

The call itself is 2 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches long for a perfect fit with plenty of surface area for calling. The backside as shown has laser engraved logo and name. You can rest assured that your handmade call has been tested by the maker and is ready for use in calling in even the wariest old gobbler with practice.


For information please go to this email Harry 

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Purple Heart


The Photo Fan™
Photo Fan™ for hands free picture taking

Photo Fan™  is a very versatile turkey fan display tool

Photo Fan™When turkey hunting alone it is often difficult to get good field photos. Most camera’s have a self-timer of 10 seconds. By the time you trigger the camera, get behind the turkey, position the turkey’s fan and prepare for the photo, the camera has already taken the picture. Photo Fan™ is a great aid to help even the inexperienced get the perfect picture, every time. The Photo Fan™ clips to the outer quills of the fan and securely holds the tail into a full fan display. This gives the hunter time to get into position, hold their weapon, lift up on the tail and pose.

Photo Fan™ with Turkey tail mounted on wall.I soon realized, by snapping Photo Fan™ onto the quills of the turkey tail that this works really well for the taxidermy end of mounting turkey tails.

I like to mount my turkey’s tail with all of the pretty iridescence back feathers. I cut the tail off and skin the turkey all the way down to the base of the neck. This is called the cape. I then attach the beard to the bottom of the cape. The challenge has always been, how to mount this to the wall? Photo Fan™ clips to quills With Photo Fan™, you can clip it to the quills during the drying process and then use Photo Fan to attach your tail feather display to the wall. It comes with a DVD that shows you how.

Photo Fan™ can be used with most commercial tom decoys as well. Snap Photo Fan onto the turkey’s tail, then attach it to the decoy. You now have the most realistic tom turkey decoy ever. Nothing beats the real thing.

So with Photo Fan™ you get a tool for field photos, taxidermy and a decoy aide all in one. It is packaged with a 90 minute DVD that has 5 turkey hunts, step by step turkey tail taxidermy and taking your bird from the field to the freezer all for $12.95.

The Photo Fan™ - Price $12.95 plus $6.20 shipping and Handling
Shipping via Priority Mail - Will be shipped out to be received in approximately one week from ordering.

If you do not want to use paypal, then send an email request for mailing instructions.

Photo Fan™ clips to quills out of sight for hanging Photo Fan™ holds tail feathers spread out for photo ops Photo Fan™ to attach spread out Turkey fan for decoys